24 Hour Boxathon Challenge 2018

This weekend saw the return of the gruelling 24 Hour Boxathon. Starting at 12pm Saturday TeamABC members embarked on what was a physical and mental challenge that would test everyone to the limit. The day would consist of intense boxing drills , light hearted activities , distance running , pair work , more boxing exercise drills , a bit more road work including the customary gentle stroll into town through the night. Even a game of football took place that saw the head coach momentarily and majestically flying down the wing only to stopped when pulling a hamstring!! Mental and agility activities took place to test people but throughout the whole time team work and humour shone through in what was a very tough 24 Hours, but also a great experience.

Unfortunately not all could make the 24 hours but regardless their involvement was very appreciated for the time and effort they did put in. Of course there were others that made it all the way through producing a fantastic personal achievement and we wholeheartedly applaud their efforts and determination to make it to the end.

24 hours after starting the challenge it ended at noon on Sunday finishing with some bacon butties (not sure if those that made it through the whole duration had their eyes closed just savouring the tastes of Richards fine cooking or were indeed asleep!!!). This was a great event and we thank everyone and appreciate the efforts of All those who took part and proudly supported their club , also a massive and sincere thank you to everyone that sponsored these members to help raise important funds for the club.