About Us: Attleborough Boxing Club (ABC)

We are a Sport England Club Mark accredited club. Our state of the art facility is fully inclusive and open to all within the community from the age of five. We offer a range of classes and fitness training suitable for all abilities, we box competitively to National and International standards. All of our staff are fully DBS checked and trained to exceptional standards.

Attleborough Boxing Club

Club Chairman:

Alan Friedman - Chairman

I am very proud and honoured to be elected as Chairman of Attleborough Boxing Club.  Since taking over from Jeremy Burton, who is still an active committee member at the club, I have been overwhelmed by the spirit and generosity of those involved, and the selfless dedication by the members and boxers alike.

The togetherness of the people involved in the club has enabled us to achieve great things over the years and has truly impressed me since joining the club.

In my mind, one of the great successes of the club is in the way it reaches out into the local community and I have been very privileged to see many young people join the club and not only achieve great things but become part of the family here.  The dedication and discipline involved in the sport has surpassed anything I expected to see and has allowed people at the club to achieve what we have done so far, and will do in the future.

We are continually upgrading the gym, and the facilities now available at the club are incredibly impressive.  We are able to offer anyone who would like to use the club the best training facilities they could wish for, we also offer a wide range of classes including, Young Rockies, Juniors Seniors, and ladies. We also have enviable links with other clubs throughout the country and internationally, with an extremely competitive edge and some of the best boxing club facilities in the Eastern Countries.

The club would not be as successful as it is without the invaluable volunteers, sponsors, generous donators and members.  We owe every success to the contributions of these people and many more in the local community who have helped support Attleborough Boxing Club.  I would like to thank everyone who has ever had any involvement or made any contribution either now or in the future and greatly appreciate the efforts of everyone involved.  I cannot wait to see what we can achieve in the coming years.

Onwards and Upwards!

Alan Friedman
Chairman, Attleborough Boxing Club.

Head Coach:

From Acorns to Oak Trees …

Attleborough Boxing Club has grown from a fledgling club into an elite centre of excellence and a strong force within the world of amateur boxing. Now entering into our 6th year of competition with a 32 strong talented competition squad of young athletes, we compete Nationally and Internationally; consistently making the most of every opportunity to enhance our boxers amateur careers.

Our exceptional standards of quality have gained us the prestigious England Boxing Club Mark Award once again. Our new extension has enabled us to vary and enhance our boxers training opportunities further. The fitness and disciplines that underpin the sport are without doubt essential and paramount to the development of successful individual’s growth; providing key life skills, exceptional focus and confidence building.

Much more than a home to champions …

We are open to all within the community, are fully inclusive and welcome all individuals that would like to keep fit and benefit from the disciplines as well as welcoming those that are interested in competing for us.

Jon Dennis
Head Coach, Team Attleborough.

Principal Sponsors:

When my daughter was starting secondary school, the headmistress told a story. Every morning a boy would walk down onto a beach near his home. The beach was covered with starfish that had been washed up by the tide. The little boy threw as many of them as he could back into the sea before the sun became too hot and they died. An old man watched him and one day asked him “why ever are you doing this? There are thousands of starfish on the beach and you can only throw a small number back. Does it really matter? ”It matters to them” the boy replied.

I feel that sums up ABC.

I was invited as a guest to the boxing evening in Thetford. Reading the profiles of the boxers brought home to me just how much of a difference the club had made to the lives of these young people. Confident, self assured ,disciplined respectful and super fit; wonderful ambassadors for the club and more importantly themselves. It is for this reason that Rogers and Norton are proud and honoured to be a principal sponsor of the club.

Mark Greig
Rogers and Norton.

 I find it amazing that I have reached the end of the 8th year of my sponsorship of Attleborough Boxing Club and am as proud today as I was at the end of year one to be associated with such a forward thinking and outstanding facility for the people of Attleborough and the surrounding area.

Each year I’m amazed at the progress and growth that the club has achieved, this year we have seen the arrival of the extension to the building providing a classroom and strength & conditioning room as well as the refurbishment of the existing building.

None of these things would be possible without the endless hard work, commitment and selflessness shown by the volunteers who have made this happen and in return none of this would have any point without the members of the club that utilise the facility and support it. Well done Attleborough BC, once again you should be very proud of yourselves.

Donna Kissinger
Kissinger Estate Agents.

Club President:

It’s been an absolute honour to have been elected president for the 6th year running. Always aiming for greatness, we have made a huge leap forward this year with the completion of our state of the art new extension and have progressed massively on all fronts.

Our satellite provisions have allowed us to work in partnership with many local schools and colleges. We are also delighted to announce that we are also working closely with the University of East Anglia. This has afforded us the opportunity to spread our expertise and exceptionally high standards of training directly into education; reaching out to more young people than ever before.

I would like to personally thank Head Coach Jon Dennis for the sheer passion, dedication and incredible work ethic that he installs within the club and send sincere thanks to all our sponsors, coaching team, administration team, committee members, and the rest of the volunteers that make the gym the great success that it is.

With the competition squad bigger and stronger than ever and an abundance of new members walking through the doors, I am looking forward to an eventful and exciting year ahead!

Richard Caston
President, Attleborough Boxing Club.