Connor Shows His Quality With A Unanimous Decision Victory

With only 2 days notice Connor Holloway eagerly accepted the challenge and made the trip to the capital where he would box a good opponent from the White Hart Lane Boxing Club. Round 1 and Connor soon went to work with a high work rate with great footwork and quick and accurate punches , his opponent always looked lively and performed well but it was Connors quality and superior scoring punches that gave him an early lead. Round 2 and a great boxing contest continued with both showing great technical ability but again it was our man who was taking control producing some very good boxing , occasionally getting caught as he let his guard slip but winning the round. In the final round Connor was tiring significantly loosing a lot of the power but the accuracy was still there and using his experience and skill still put in a great round making sure victory would be his.  In a great display of boxing that the crowd appreciated and enjoyed Connor was announced the winner by way of unanimous decision to his great delight.