Great Experience For The Next Gen !!

Last night we visited our good friends at the Kingfisher Club in Great Yarmouth. The night was predominantly for development boxers from both clubs to gain the experience of sparring at another club against different opposition , as well as trying to put some of the skill sets they have been working on in the gym into the ring.


Bearing in mind 5 off our boxers we took have only had very limited time in the ring at our own gym !! so it was very pleasing to see them getting this great experience which they all grabbed with both hands. As well as learning a lot importantly they enjoyed the evenings experience also and did themselves proud.


We took many positives out of the individual performances last night as well as highlighting on what areas need to be worked on which is what the whole night was about but we can safely say they are now on the exciting road of being an ABC boxer.


As well as the completely inexperienced we also took others who we hope to be having their first bouts this season as well as a experienced junior boxer who all performed very well.


Well Done All.