Great Result for Tommy & Great performance from Devon

On Saturday both Devon Lockwood and Tommy Fletcher represented ABC in the Pre-Quarters of the Junior Championships when they traveled to Dagenham.
Devon was matched against a very tough opponent who had won multi national championships as well as a European gold medal. Not deterred by his impressive record our man went to work right from the start boxing superbly doing exactly as asked of him and certainly looking more than a match against top quality opposition. . He continued this level of intensity and top quality boxing throughout the whole bout matching his opponent every step of the way. The result was certainly in the balance and could go either way, the judges agreed and announced the winner by way of a split decision 3-2, Unfortunately not in our favour , Devon had boxed brilliantly but on this occasion didn’t get the result the performance deserved.
Tommy was the last bout of the day. Starting the bout slowly Tommy never really found his rhythm and despite hitting his opponent with some good punches never looked as sharp as he normally does. His opponent showed good character and kept coming forward and throwing some good shots of his own but our man was continually doing enough to just stay ahead without really hitting top gear. The judges agreed and by the way of a unanimous decision Tommy was awarded the winner.
Tommy now progresses to the Quarter Finals this weekend in Slough. Even though sadly Devon went out of the competition it was his performance that was undoubtedly the highlight of the weekend.