Our Sponsors

Be part of the community and help sponsor us and our boxers. Contact us for further information on Sponsorship fees…

Rogers and Norton

When my daughter was starting secondary school, the headmistress told a story. Every morning a boy would walk down onto a beach near his home. The beach was covered with star sh that had been washed up by the tide. The little boy threw as many of them as he could back into the sea before the sun became too hot and they died. An old man watched him and one day asked him “why ever are you doing this? There are thousands of star sh on the beach and you can only throw a small number back. Does it really matter?”” It matters to them” the boy replied.

I feel that sums up ABC . I was invited as a guest to the boxing evening in Thetford. Reading the profiles of the boxers brought home to me just how much of a difference the club had made to the lives of these young people. Confident, self-assured, disciplined respectful and super fit; wonderful ambassadors for the club and more importantly themselves. It is for this reason that Rogers and Norton are proud and honoured to be a principal sponsor of the club.


Marc Greig

Rogers And Norton

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Anglian Demolition

Anglian Demolition are extremely proud to be one of the Main Sponsors of ABC. Over the years we have watched the club go from strength to strength thanks to the amazing efforts of the volunteers, coaches and of course the club members – and we wish ABC all the best for the future and our continued association.


Tonianne Storer

Operations Manager

Anglian Demolition & Asbestos Ltd


Kissinger Estate Agents

I find it amazing that I have reached the end of my seventh year of sponsorship of Attleborough Boxing Club and am as proud today as I was at the end of year one to be associated with such a forward thinking and outstanding facility for the people of Attleborough and the surrounding area. Each year I’m amazed at the progress and growth that the club has achieved, this year we have seen the arrival of the extension to the building providing a classroom and strength & conditioning room as well as the refurbishment of the existing building. None of these things would be possible without the endless hard work, commitment and selflessness shown by the volunteers who have made this happen and in return none of this would have any point without the members of the club that utilise the facility and support it. Well done Attleborough BC, once again you should be very proud of yourselves.


Donna Kissinger

Kissinger Estate Agents