TeamABC Entertain The Public

TeamABC took their club out to the community on Saturday when they attended 2 separate fetes.


The first to give public demonstrations were the Little Rockys who gave a great account of themselves with some boxing drills. These 5-9 year olds attended the Rocklands fete along with their coaches Richard Caston and Suzanne Currie and were a credit to themselves , their parents and the club.




Whilst the youngsters were entertaining the public in the heat at Rocklands another group of our boxers and their coaches, Alan Friedman and Marc Riley attended the Church fete in Attleborough where they gave demonstrations in the art of boxing, showing their skills to those watching. Again these boxers gave a great insight into some of what we do and how we do things. A special mention to Devon Lockwood who caught the train to get to the event and back home again.



A big thank you to both sets of organisers for inviting us to showcase our club and a massive thank you to every member that represented TeamABC. You certainly done yourselves and club proud.