TeamABC Making A Splash !!

Some of TeamABC spent a enjoyable time on the water at Cambridge Aqua Park today. In a team event organised by Mel King-Tomlin a minibus full of ABC members descended upon the large floating inflatable obstacle course and had plenty of fun and laughter as they  climbed , jumped , slid , slipped and fell (and of course the occasional push!!) into the water. Attleborough Boxing Club recognises days like these are important for its members and a welcome distraction away from the gym and such a tough sport where commitment, dedication and discipline are paramount. As well as showing that having fun and being relaxed is also important, it also unites the team even more and bonds are formed as people show a completely different side to themselves being in a very different environment to a boxing club gym. It certainly was a fantastic day out where everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves and had a brilliant time and it wont be long before we are telling you of our next team event !!